JGB Represents leading expansion joint manufacturers with an extensive inventory of expansion joints for piping and ducting systems. The expansion joints are manufactured to have the ability to protect your equipment against a variety of stressors while also being low maintenance and durable or maximum efficiency. We Represents expansion joints for industrial and commercial applications using pumping, piping or ducting which requires expansion or movement joints to deal with thermal expansion, vibration or ground movement. With a variety of designs in rubber, stainless steel or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), our high-performance expansion joints ensure safe and reliable operations supporting system integrity, mitigating fatigue and reducing maintenance downtime.

Product List

  • Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Metallic Expansion Joints
  • Fabric Pipe Expansion Joints
  • Ducting Expansion Joint
  • Braided Pipe Connector
  • Metallic Bellows

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