Pumpsense will create and deliver a range of centrifugal pumps for water and Fire services. Beginnings History of PUMPSENSE goes back to 1995 when a group of professionals working in large international pump companies decided to team together. At PUMPSENSE, we are united through a common vision to build an excellent pump company through which we can express ourselves fully and freely. PUMPSENSE exists to fulfill this collective dream, based on a core set of values which are our guiding philosophy in creating this organization. We recognize that our suppliers play a key role in the quality of our products and services.

Product List

  • Standard & Compact Split Case Pumps
  • Two Stage Split Case Pumps
  • Split Case NFPA 20 Fire Pumps
  • Large End Suction Pumps
  • End Suction Pumps
  • Horizontal and Vertical Dry Pit Sewage Pumps
  • Effluent Vertical Inline Pumps
  • External Fire Pumps for ships (FiFi pumps

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